Got questions?

Thanks for taking a moment to find out more about Be Smart About.  We would love to engage with you so if you’re not a member shoot us an email and we will get right back to you. If you are a member, email or join us during Office Hours so we can connect and answer your questions live!  We are committed to helping you Be Smart About….

How do I become a member

Becoming a member is easy.  Simply choose a month to month or annual plan.  Fill out the form, pop in your credit card and billing details and voila – you are a member!

How much is a membership

Our Plans and Pricing can be found right here.  We want every entrepreneur with a dream to be able to access tools that drive real world success so we’ve kept the pricing very, very low!

How do I download a tool

Only members can download tools. So first go ahead and sign up as a member.  Then, choose a business are that you want to Be Smart About.  Click on the purple icon twice, to add the tools to your cart.  You may choose to continue shopping or go straight to the cart to check out.  

Where do I find the tools once I have purchased them

Your tools will appear as a link on the bottom of your order form. Click on the link to launch the tool and download the video.  And tools appear in your account. Click on My Account on the top right, click on “Download History” and then click on the “View Details and Downloads” button under Details.  

Will my downloads work on my iPads and iPhones?

We love our iOS users. Download this free app, and you will be able to view and edit all of you downloaded files.

How many times may I download a tool

Tools live forever and you may download them multiple times from the same IP address.   Tools are meant for you and you only.  Please don’t share your tools — that’s just not right.  Have your friends sign up for a membership so that they can enjoy all the rewards Be Smart About has to offer – including Office Hours!

What’s included in the tools

Our toolkit always includes a video and a tool (or two).  The video is typically a 10-12 slide presentation that takes 12-15 minutes to deliver.  Each video follows the same format so that you become familiar with the flow as you progress from one tool to the other.  During the presentation, the Smart Person guides you through the process of filling out the tool. The tool is typically delivered in Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint. We suggest downloading the tool and having it beside you so that you can reference it during the presentation.  You can start filling out the tool during the presentation or wait until it’s over and fill it out after.   You will Be Smart About just about immediately.  You will complete the tool in hours or days depending on the amount of time and effort you to devote to the tool. Download a tool to check out the format.  

What are Office Hours

Remember when you were in college and your professor opened his/her doors for a few hours each week. Well, that’s exactly what we do.  We’ll have a few hours each week on an open conference line where you can join in a group session.  Questions are answered in the order they are received.  While our team of Smart People are extraordinary in their field of business, they may not always have the answer you need right on the spot.  Never fear though, if that ever happens the Smart Person will loop back within 48 hours with an answer for you.  

Who are these Smart People

Please view the Smart People page on the website to view the bios for each Smart Person. The common thread is that each person has used his/her area of expertise to drive real world success for entrepreneurial minded, high grown companies.  There’s no “theory” here.  This is no academia. Our Smart People are sharing tried and true processes that are practical, cost-effective and have a track record of driving a significant return on investment when executed properly.  Download a free tool to see what we’re talking about.

Can I become a Smart Person?

We are always looking to expand our team of Smart People.  Please send us an email @ and let us know that your area of expertise is.  We’ll loop right back with you to explore possibilities.

How do I hire a Smart Person

Please go to the Consulting page, fill out the form and let us know where you need help.  We’ll connect with you and talk, find out what your needs are, provide you with our ideas and a proposal. Your engagement will be directly with the Smart Person. No middleman.  Just you and the Smart Person.

Can I share the tools

Please, talk about the tools.  Tell your friends how wonderful the tools are. But, do the right thing and keep the actual tools to yourself.  Don’t share them.  Our Smart People have worked really hard to make the tools available to you and deserve to be compensated for their efforts. Plus, we’ve priced our membership and tools cost effectively so that everyone who has the money to purchase a cup of coffee can download our tools.   Plus, the tools are copyrighted.

Will you have a marketplace where I can sell my stuff

Yes, a member marketplace is coming soon!  Our goal is to connect members with members for support, ideas, and revenue generation amongst each other!