What will you be smart about today?

Do you run a small business?

If you’re like most of us, you need help with your business. Traditionally, getting help required you to put your hand deep in your pocket to fund experts. Now, there’s a better way. Select the Be Smart About plan that’s right for your business: Self-Serve or Full-Service. Self-Service Plans start at $19.99 per month.

Plan 1: Self-Service

Get the strategies and tookits our Smart People use to drive business success. Membership includes: Tool Kits, Offices Hours and, The Marketplace. Try Self-Service Free: Download free Toolkits.  Sign up for a free Office Hour!

Plan 2: Full Service

Need One-on-One support? Our Smart People consult.


Tool prices range from FREE to $2.99. Check out the Smart Tool library here.


Get answers to your questions during group calls. 


Advertise your products and services. Connect with members.


Hire Smart People as an extension of your team. Click here to inquire.

How the Self-Service Plan works.

How the Self-Service Plan works.  Be Smart About all areas of business fast and cheaper than the cost of a daily espresso. (1) Go to the Took Kit library and select the area you need to Be Smart About, (2) download the Toolkit, (3) view the video (12-minutes +/-), (4) check out the sample tool for inspiration, (5) fill out your tool, and (6) Be Smart About… Get help via email and Office Hours! Promote your business and connect with Members in The Marketplace.  Sign up!